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Office: Fort IRC Building Room 107
Office phone: (336) 285-3255

ViCAR Center Introduction and Resources Overview
Division of Research and Economic Development
Department of Computational Science and Engineering
North Carolina A&T State University

The Division of Research (DORED) created and supports the Visualization and Computation Advancing Research (ViCAR) Center with the Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) Department in the College of Engineering (COE).

ViCAR manages several different types of computational resources for NCAT researchers and faculty available for both research and education. These resources support many facets of Research Computing from the desktop to high performace cluster and MPP environments. The center also provides and supports visualization display systems. All ViCAR resources are available campus-wide for all NCAT faculty and students.

In addition, upon request, ViCAR provides training and support for all users. ViCAR also provides expertise for Modeling and Simulation (M&S) including:

Overview of ViCAR Resources

    High Performance MPP and Cluster Compute Servers

Scalable high performance MPP and cluster computers:

  • Scalable Compute Servers
    High Performance Computers(HPC) including:
    athena from CRAY, Inc. as shown on the left.
    hermes from SUN systems, Inc. as shown on the left.

SMW.    Hermes.
athena SMW                                     hermes

    GPU Cluster Compute Server

There is a four node P-100 based GPU cluster for intensive computing.

  • The system is a Super-Micro based cluster with an INTEL CPU E5-2697 and four Tesla P100 GPU accelerators each with 6GB memory and 3584 cores. The system supports CUDA, OpenACC and OpenCL APIs.

image coming soon
4 node GPU cluster.

    Mid-range Compute Servers

Mid-range compute server systems.

Atlas and Prometheus

    Graphics engine

A large screen 3D stereo vision visualization system with tracking:

  • Visualization System
    Visualization wall display system.
    Visualization software.
    3D printer.
    Head mounted displays.

Viz Wall Far View.

    Student Lab Desktops

The lab, located in Fort IRC room 107 IRC building includes 9 desktop workstations and other systems.

CSE Linux Based Student Lab.

    Web and License Server

The license/web server is configured as follows:

  • software license server including:
  • web server address:
  • manage the file server for the student lab computers including the users home directories and file backup system,
  • and the student lab DHCP network.

image coming soon
The laboratory system server and file servers.

Partial list of Available Software

Mid-Range and student desktop systems:

High Performance Systems:
Note: all applications have special scripts to help execute the codes developed by ViCAR.